The Jonas Basanavičius Folklore Library comprises the Lithuanian folklore texts from the end of the 19th – beginning of the 20th century, recorded and collected together on the initiative by the patriarch of Lithuanian nation Jonas Basanavičius. That amounts to approximately 7000 folktales, folk belief legends, place legends, folksongs, laments, riddles, folk belief texts and other kinds of folklore, which constitutes the golden reserve of the Lithuanian folklore. Nine folklore books were published by Jonas Basanavičius himself, the rest of the texts had lain for almost a century in manuscripts, until thanks to the efforts by famous folklorists Leonardas Sauka and Kostas Aleksynas, 15 volumes of the Jonas Basanavičius Folklore Library were compiled and published in 1993–2004.

Vol.1: Various Lithuanian Tales, book 1, Vilnius, 1993
Vol.2: Various Lithuanian Tales, book 2, Vilnius, 1995
Vol.3: Various Lithuanian Tales, book 3, Vilnius, 1997
Vol.4: Various Lithuanian Tales, book 4 Vilnius, 1998
Vol.5: Lithuanian Tales, book 1, Vilnius, 2001
Vol.6: Lithuanian Tales, book 2, Vilnius, 2003
Vol. 7: From the Life of Souls and Devils, Vilnius, 1998
Vol. 8: Tales and Legends from Ožkabaliai, Vilnius, 2001
Vol. 9: Folksongs from Ožkabaliai, book 1, Vilnius, 1998
Vol. 10: Folksongs from Ožkabaliai, book 2, Vilnius, 1998
Vol. 11: Miscellaneous Folklore from Collections, Vilnius, 2002
Vol. 12: The Black Book, Vilnius, 2004
Vol. 13: Lion in Lithuanian Tales and Songs, Vilnius, 2003
Vol. 14: Collected Works: Articles and Studies, book 1, Vilnius, 2003
Vol. 15: Collected Works: Essays, Reviews. Extracts of Autobiography and Notes, book 2, Vilnius, 2004



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